Want to have the most Influential Debate of all time? Battle it Out - 2v2 between 14th October and 5th November.

The first-ever Hybrid British Parliamentary Debate for for Junior and High School students to be organized by a University in India.

Join us at the Vijaybhoomi University campus to develop your skills with expert sessions and fun activities! For Not For 2023, is back and this time it is BIGGER and BETTER.

Win up to ₹ 2.6 lakh worth of Cash Prizes, Scholarship & Internship Offers, lot more. Earn yourselves an opportunity to be a part of our Leadership Retreat Camp!

Hybrid British Parliamentary Debate – Junior and Senior Competition

FNF 2023 - The Hybrid British Parliamentary Debate from October 14th to November 5nd

  • FNF 2023 Junior Competition: For grade 9 and 10
  • FNF 2023 Senior Competition: For grade 11 and 12
    • Preliminary Rounds for Junior and Senior Competitions will be held virtually on 14th and 15th October where 32 teams will qualify to the Pre- Quarter round.
    • Pre - Quarter Round for Junior and Senior Competitions will be held virtually on 21st and 22nd October where 32 teams will qualify to the Quarter round.
    • 16 teams that qualify for the Quarter Finals for both Junior and Senior Competition will be travelling to the Vijaybhoomi Campus (Karjat, Maharashtra) to battle it out offline at the FNF Leadership Retreat on 4th and 5th November.
    • Junior and Senior Rounds will be held separately.
    • Junior and Senior Teams from the same school need to register separately.
    • Teams of 2 students need to register.
    • British Parliamentary Debate format for Junior and Senior competitions.

    Teams participating in the Leadership Retreat rounds will need to organize their own accommodation and transport from the station / airport to and from. VU will be happy to help in getting accommodation at affordable rates close to the campus.

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    FNF - Leadership Retreat from 4th and 5th November

    • FNF Quarter, Semi-final and Final rounds
    • Workshops on Design, Data Science, Music, Business, Entrepreneurship and Law
    • Trek and sports activities
    • Fun Networking sessions and campfire at night
    • Motivational talks by experts

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    FNF - Initium

    • For-Not-For is not only about debating. To make the anticipation easier and keep the participants pumped up in the build-up to the Competition, the Organising Committee of FNF has prepared a set of fun Activities, Contests and Events in the form of a Pre-event Engagement Programme that we call “Initium”.
    • All registered participants are encouraged to take part in these activities virtually and we provide exciting prizes to the winners.
    • Initium consisted of fun activities, and it consisted of games such as Motion Contest, Caption Contest, and Meme Contest, Live Game Session.
    • Initium 2023 is going to be bigger and better as we have a lot more exciting activities and workshops lined up for you.

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    FNF 2023 Prizes

    • 1st prize - 1000$ / Rs. 85000 for Junior and Senior Competitions.
    • 2nd prize - 500 $ / Rs. 45000 for Junior and Senior Competitions.
    • Prizes and Merit Certificates for 3rd and 4th place for both competitions.
    • Merit Certificates for Pre- Quarter, Quarter and Semi.
    • Participation Certificates to all.

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    FOR NOT FOR 2023

    FNF 2023 will have two competitions for different grades, Junior and Senior following the same format, which is a hybrid model in the British Parliamentary Debate format. The debate rounds will be between 14th October and 5th November with a Virtual Preliminary and Pre- Quarter round and the Quarters, Semi and Final Rounds on 4th and 5th November as a part of an Offline Leadership Retreat at our Vijaybhoomi campus in Karjat.

    British Parliamentary Debate Format

    FNF 2023 debating rounds will follow the British Parliamentary Style Debate. This style of debating is one of the more popular forms, based on debates in the British Parliament. It was first adopted by UK universities but is now popular in debating competitions around the world. Much like in the House of Commons, the debate is split into two opposing sides: the proposition (or government), and the opposition. Each side is then further divided into ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ teams, all four of which have two speakers. These are named after their equivalent positions in the British Parliament.

    Skill Building Workshops

    FNF 2023 brings to you debating and a lot more. Skills to make you a leader of the 21st Century, a leader with strong persuasive skills, adept at critical thinking, innovation, keen sense of creativity and out of the box views. FNF, as in the past, will help you build these vital skills in a variety of platforms.


    Tucked in between the majestic valleys of Karjat, VijayBhoomi University is the perfect location to grow one’s life skills, gearing them up for future endeavors. For Not For 2023, aims to offer more than just a parliamentary debate competition. Coupled with the intense final rounds of the debate, participants who qualify for the Quarters will be given the unprecedented opportunity to attend the Leadership Retreat at VU. Participants will be able to experience many activities ranging from a fun networking event to workshops on specialized domains like entrepreneurship, design, music, business to an awe-inducing trek of the Karjat hills. Each event adds its own life skill as a valued outcome.

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    Youth 20

    Youth 20 (Y20) is an official consultation forum for youth from all G20 member countries to be able to dialogue with each other. Y20 encourages youth as future leaders to raise awareness of global issues, exchange ideas, argue, negotiate, and reach consensus. Under this umbrella ForNotFor Debate is proud to collaborate with Youth 20 to align the debate with the G20 agenda of this year.