FNF 2022

The competition grew in 2022 in terms of scale. We had a competition in a hybrid model with 110 students from 10 countries. The preliminaries were virtual but the pre quarters, quarters, semi and finals were at the beautiful campus of Vijaybhoomi University at Karjat. 64 students experienced a Leadership Retreat for three days and powered up their skills in innovation, entrepreneurship, music, art and also took part in outdoor events like sports and trekking. Eminent judges including Lawyers, Debate Winners, Journalists and Content writers followed defined judging parameters and gave individual feedback to every participant.

Topics ranged from the Future and Ethicality of Sustainable Eating, Everchanging Society, Nihilism to Governmental Policy, Individualism and Philosophical Choice.

Milestones of FNF 2022




Happy Participants